We work with you to meet your needs

  • Our flexible timetable leaves room for you to work and discover Sydney.

  • We have individual study plans to help you achieve your goals.

  • Assisting with the area you specifically need help with – be that pronunciation, conversational fluency or English to help you succeed at work.
"I studied Pronunciation and Fluency and also English for Hospitality and really enjoyed them because they were so helpful for me. Getting a local job in Sydney is difficult but after I finished school I got a job in an ice-cream shop! In the Hospitality class I learned a lot of new vocabulary and the names of equipment."
Yuki testimonial | Access Language Centre Sydney
Yuki Miyachi - Japan
English for Hospitality and Pronunciation and Fluency

We're here
for you

  • Our friendly student services team are always ready to help with your concerns.

  • Have an issue you can’t explain in English? Don’t worry! We speak your language.
"I started my classes in Access in June and since than I only had good experiences. The classes are dynamic, with qualified teachers and always willing to help, the school has a great environment. Everytime I needed help with something or if I have any questions, all the Access team helped me! I am really glad for choosing this school! They care about the students and they are always working for the better, that is really important! Here we learn English and we can make friends from all over the world."
paula web testimonial | Access Language Centre Sydney
Paula Fontoura Lamounier - Brazil
General English

We connect you with the COMMUNITY

"I really enjoy my time in Australia with my host family. My host family was amazing. They are nice and funny, patient and helpful. They made feel part of the family. Lucas is a cute lovely boy, we had a lot of fun together. We shared some light household duties, we went to the beach together, we went to the zoo, we shared unforgettable moments, they have become my family and friends. Living with a Demi Pair family helped me a lot to improve my English skills. We talked a lot, we watched TV together, we listened to music... all those moments were extremely helpful to practice speaking and listening as well as learning new vocabulary and to ask questions about the language."
juliana demi pair testimonial | Access Language Centre Sydney
Juliana De Lima Peixoto - Brazil
General English, Cambridge Preparation and Business English

WE ARE right

  • We’re just around the corner from Central Station.


  • Find some of Sydney’s best restaurants and cafes on our doorstep. 
"I think Access Language Centre's location is really convenient. It is close to Central station and there are lots of restaurants and cafes around here. It's only 2 minutes walk from the station so it is great for me!"
Jung Bong Seun - Student testimonial | Access Language Centre Sydney
Jung Bong Seun - Columbia
General English

english is our speciality

  • We are specialists in skills focused classes


  • We are focussed only on teaching English


  • Our teachers are qualified and experienced English language teachers.

  • Our courses are designed to improve your communication whatever your level and goals may be.



"My name is Jessica Sandoval, I’ve been in Australia for 3 months and since then I am studying English at Access, it has been a great experience for me, since I have improved my English, I have met people from other countries, learned from other cultures, food, and traditions. Access has become a place of learning and fun. I would like to have discussion groups to discuss topics and to know the different points of view of other cultures, with a teacher who advises our grammar and ideas. It is difficult to be in another country without your family but I definitely feel welcomed and accompanied in this school for my classmates and teachers like, Tamara and Grant. I have to say THANK YOU."
Testimonial - Why Choose Access? | Access Language Centre Sydney
Jessica Sandoval - Columbia

We're not just a school, we're family

  • Make lasting friendships with classmates from all around the world
  • We have exciting activities every week, so you can make the most of your time in Sydney.
"I’m currently taking this FCE class. To be honest, I was really insecure and I didn’t have confidence in my English at all, but my teachers (David and Grant) are well qualified,sophisticated, and interesting(amusing as well)and also my classmates are so friendly, motivated, and good-natured. So I could overcome my insecurity with ease!!
Needless to say, my English skills are improving quicker than I expected. I really appreciate this FCE course. I finish this course in 1 week. I’ll definitely miss my teachers and classmates."
Testimonial - Why Choose Access? | Access Language Centre Sydney
Ayaka Shioori - Japan

3 minutes from Central Station, Access is everything you are looking for – a specialist English school which will provide you with personalised support while you study and learn the English skills to succeed. With over 20 years of experience, we are an innovative centre that offers unique programs and courses taught by highly qualified teachers. Our classes reflect the changing world and respond to your needs – whether they be conversational fluency, pronunciation, accuracy in spoken and written language, or English for different jobs. Enrol and be part of the Access family!

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