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“My name is Raquel (from the Canary Islands in Spain to be exact), who packed up her life and spontaneously moved to the other side of the world. I decided upon Sydney because of the relaxing atmosphere, sunny weather and outdoorsy style of life.

Due to my background in Tourism and my passion for travel and learning other languages I fit right in at my role in Access. Here I have the opportunity to engage with students from all over the globe every single day. It´s incredible how much you can learn from other cultures at my role at the front desk of the School. The fact that I was an International student in Ireland and Germany before making the move to Down Under help me to understand how do they feel and what they may need help with.

Some of my main duties at work are things such as meet and greet new students, assist them with their queries, organise events and activities and most importantly ensure they all feel comfortable and welcome. Another fantastic benefit of working here is the fact that you meet people that end up becoming friends.”

Raquel Polegre - Student Services Officer
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