Super Sessions

Super Sessions

Super Sessions (Super Intensive Only)

These classes are the perfect complement to your Core and Focus classes. In your extra hours of study you are able to focus on a particular area of interest, be it Business, Hospitality, or Pronunciation

This specialised class provides you with the professional language you need for dealing with customers and colleagues in the hotel and catering industry. By taking English for Hospitality, not only will you develop the English skills you require, but also the confidence to communicate in English successfully. Throughout the classes, you will explore functional language in real work situations, learn how to apply grammar structures in context, and practise using topic-specific vocabulary for the hotel and catering industry. The interactive lessons are based on a variety of work-related situations such as:

• Taking reservations and checking in

• Providing local information

• Dealing with enquiries and problems

• Serving food and drink

• Applying for jobs

Each lesson combines the skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing with a strong focus on roleplay to ensure that you finish the material feeling confident and well-prepared for employment in an English speaking workplace. This option is ideal if you want to work with English speakers in cafes, bars, hotels and restaurants or go on to further study in Catering or Hotel Management.

In our highly-connected world, large numbers of people need better English for work. Business Made Easy is an ideal introduction to the language of business, and acts as great preparation for students wishing to move on to study the full-time Business English course. The class aims to equip you with the core language and skills to participate successfully in the global workplace with a focus on the vocabulary of business and effective use of grammar for clear communication in business life. The lessons are based on a variety of business-related topics such as:

• Developing business contacts

• Corporate entertaining

• Meeting procedures

• Delivering a presentation

• Taking a business trip

Ship or sheep? Park or bark? Do you worry that people won’t understand you? Do you fnd English speakers diffcult to understand? In this interactive and engaging class you are given the tools you need to improve your pronunciation and sound more natural in your speaking. Each week you will be taught a new set of skills which build from the last. The lessons cover four main areas:

• How to read and use the phonetic chart

• Syllables and word stress

• Sentence stress

• Linking

This option is great for students who want to improve both their speaking and listening and speak more confdently with locals. The skills learned in Pronunciation and Fluency can be applied in any other class to help you keep improving.

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