Online Placement Test

Agent Contact Detail (Please provide your name and contact details below)
1. MAX:  How are you? 
   JANE:  _________
2. ROB: What is that?
    Mark: _________
3. Is he English ____ American?
4. What's your phone ______?
5. My cousin _____
6. This is my girlfriend ____ from Brazil.
7. My father is ____ engineer

8. My teacher's from Scotland, and ___ name's Adam.

9. That __ a nice photograph.
10. This is __ book.
11. What's your ___ colour?
12. Jim and Mary ___ got a dog.
13. Excuse me, ___ a pen?
14. ROB: When do you start university?
    KATE: ____August. 
15. He ___ his homework every day.
16. SARAH: Is there a supermarket near the school?
         ALEX: _____
17. Carla ___ at university.
18. Let's ___ to the beach tomorrow afternoon!
19. What time ___ go to bed at night?
20. Carol loves sushi but Tom doesn't ___ it.
21. Hi Gina, ___ to the cinema at the weekend.
22. ___ to have dinner at my house this evening?
23. I ___ the museum last week.
24. She ___ 60 years old when she left the company.
25. We didn’t ... dinner last night.
26. England won the World Cup a long time ___
27. Sorry, I don’t have __ time to speak to you at the moment.
28. CUSTOMER: Can I have the bill, please?
       WAITER: ___
29. ___ times do you play football a week?
30. There isn't __ space in our new apartment.
31. Hello, who ___ calling, please?
32. What a beautiful day! The sun __
33. Tokyo is ___ than Sydney
34. Nick hates doing exercise. He's very ___
35. What's the ___? You look unhappy.
36. What ___ the weather like on your holiday?
37. If he wants to be healthier, he ... stop smoking.
38. My boyfriend and I ___ to the theatre tonight.
39. Have you ever ___ to her before?
40. Ivan ___ to Sydney in 2005.
41. Sasha is the ____ student at the school.
42. It was nice speaking with you. See you ___ , I hope.
43. I'm ___ sorry, but I can't come to class tomorrow.
44. Liz loves ___ because she likes feeling scared.
45. I'm sure ___ a great time in Ireland next week. It’s an amazing country.
46. Are you having problems with your homework? ___ you if you like.
47. ___ anything next weekend?
48. Hello, I ___ if you could give me directions to the nearest supermarket?
49. How much time does he ___ playing video games each week?
50. It's polite to ___ hands when you first meet someone in Australia.
51. I almost ___ my bus this morning, but I got there on time.
52. He was so ___ when he spilled his drink on the table.
53. Many different cars ___vin Japan.
54. RACHAEL: My sister’s got three cats.
       SARAH: __ she?
55. What __ you do if you won the lottery?
56.  My parents have ___ me some money so I can go on holiday.
57.  He’s from Scotland, ___ ?
58. If you want to improve your English, you ___ do your homework.
59. We’re usually too __ to go out after a long day at school.
60. James and Angela ___ together since 2001.
61. If you come to Sydney, it’s really worth ___ to the Blue Mountains.
62. She ___ along the street when she saw the accident.
63. Australian people tend ... more difficult to understand than the British or Americans.
64. Could I ask you to ___ me a favour, please?
65. Take your umbrella ___ it rains.
66. New houses ___ in the west of Sydney.
67. ___ to study at the weekend. There’s a class test on Monday!
68. At our school there is a classroom ___ you can study alone.
69. ___ of the rain, we had a barbecue on the beach.
70. Poor Christine! She has a chest infection and she can't stop ___
71. Rupert ___ a fantastic new idea in the meeting.
72. ___  I spoke to you outside for a minute?
73. The teacher __ me to study some grammar for homework.
74. Colin ___ looking in the library for extra information.
75. Sorry, could you repeat that? I didn't ___  what you said.
76. Joanna wishes she ___ do homework every day!
77. Harry ___ from the University of Sydney with a degree in English.
78. Hi Josie, how are you ___ on with your classwork?
79. Nowadays I run 3 or 4 times a week, but I ___ be really lazy!
80. Paris is famous ___ the Eiffel Tower.
81. If we __ about the concert last Saturday, we would have gone.
82. BILL: I’m glad you could come to this week’s meeting.
SANDRA: No problem, thanks for ___ me.
83. We were really excited about the festival, but it ___ to be really boring.
84. Just think! This time tomorrow we ___ on the plane, ready to go on holiday!
85. One of the main arguments ___ living near the city centre is that you can save a lot of money on transport.
86. You always ___ your mother’s side whenever your parents argue!
87. She has never ... to Melbourne.
88. He’s going to ask his parents for a ... to buy a car.
89. ALEX: I'm sorry I forgot your birthday.
       KATE: It’s ___

90. Yesterday was ___ an exhausting day that I fell asleep at 7 pm.
91. What are you keen ___ tomorrow?
92. My parents ... their house redecorated at the moment.
93. What ___ me about living in Sydney is that the trains are always late!
94. By the year 2100, most scientists think that we will ... a colony on the Moon.
95. Many shops in my city find it difficult to ... a profit these days.
96. Where is the cake that I left on the table?! Somebody ___ it.
97. He’s going to travel around the world as soon as he ___ university.
98. Melissa ___ enjoyed her first time snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef.
99. The hotel, ___ guests can enjoy five-star service, is located close to the centre of town.
100. ___ in the 1790s, this house is one of the oldest in Australia.

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