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Welcome to your Online English Test (37 Questions)

Full name
1. My name is Ludmila and I ___________ a student at Access Language Centre.
2. I __________ to Australia 3 months ago with my friend, Vera.
Before travelling ____Question 3___ Australia, I ____Question 4___ English at university.
Answer 3
Answer 4
5. Now that I _________English at Access, my English is getting much better.
I ___Question6______speak English to my classmates and we all enjoy __Question7__class.
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Answer 7
8. Both Vera and I _______English for over ten years.
9. We _______use our English to find well-paid jobs.
10. When we finish our studies, we ________speak English very well.
11. In our first month here, Vera and I ______together so we spoke very little English at home.
We decided that we _____Question12____ speak more English so Vera moved out _____Question13____February and a Hungarian girl moved in.
Answer 12
Answer 13
14. To further practise my listening, I_________just_________ a small television.
15. If the airlines ________ it, I __________ take the TV back to Germany.
16. Vera and I _______our money to go on a trip around Australia together.
If I _____Question17____more money, I_________travel by plane but,____Question18____, I will have to travel by car.
Answer 17
Answer 18
I _____Question19____ I won't be too __Question20__because there won't be much to do when we are on the open road.
Answer 19
Answer 20
21. When I spoke to Vera last week, she told me that she________already ________ $500.
22. Vera and I _________ a travel agent this Friday to find out more information about cost.
There are so many interesting places to visit in Australia. There is ____Question23____Uluru, _____Question24___is Australia's _____Question25____ beautiful desert attraction.
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Answer 24
Answer 25
When I first arrived in Sydney, I _____Question26____that
the Opera House _____Question27____not long ago.
Answer 26
Answer 27
28. The Opera House left me _________ amazed.
29. It _________very difficult to create a building in the form of a sailboat.
If the weather _____Question30____better I would have spent the whole day there, but the rain _____Question31____me leave early.
Answer 30
Answer 31
32. I _______the Opera House again next week.
33. Sydney is ________beautiful as Berlin.
By the time I leave Australia, I ___Question34__an entire year here and my English __Question35____.
Answer 34
Answer 35
36.________, this is still not enough time to see
all the sites.
37. I suggest that anyone who loves travelling and English _______ to Australia and the spectacular city of Sydney!