Homestay Family

Homestay Family

Access Language Centre, Sydney organises a Homestay Family for students where they can get to know the Australian way of life by living in an Australian household during the course of their studies. All homestays are carefully selected by ACCESS so the students are in a relaxed and comfortable environment where they can practice the English they are learning on a daily basis. There are 3 different types of homestay options:

Homestay Half Board
Private room with breakfast & dinner (Mon-Fri) and 3 meals on the weekends

Homestay No Meals
Private room with use of kitchen facilities (schedule arranged by family)

Twin Share
Private room shared with travelling companion, breakfast and dinner (Mon-Fri) and 3 meals on the weekends

Living with a Homestay Family

Homestay allows international students to learn about our Australian lifestyle and culture in a safe and friendly environment. Every family is carefully screened by the Homestay Coordinator. All families have guaranteed to provide a high standard of accommodation and facilities. We ensure this by asking students to fill out questionnaires about their families when they arrive and leave.

ACCESS provides different types of families:

  • Parents with children or teenagers
  • Married couples with no children
  • Single parent Family
  • Elderly Couples
  • Single Women

As Australia is a multicultural country, some homestay families may originally be from another country, but have lived in Australia for at least 20 years. Homestay families will live in a house, apartment or semi detached house. The majority of families live 30-50 minutes away from Access Language Centre, Sydney. Some families are able to take on more than one student, but students of the same nationality will not be placed together, unless requested.

NB: Homestay is not a hotel and the hosts are not servants. Please behave like a member of the family by being helpful, honest, respectful, polite, considerate and pleasant during the duration of your stay.

What does Homestay entail?

  • Private bedroom: comfortable bed, a desk, chair, storage space and sufficient lighting.
  • House Key
  • Access to the bathroom
  • Bed Linen
  • Half Board: Breakfast and dinner everyday and 3 meals on the weekend
  • Room Only: Use of the kitchen facilities at a designated time (set by the families)
  • Security and safe environment
  • Practicing your English
  • Experiencing Australian culture


Becoming a Homestay Family:

We are always interested in hearing  from families who live approximately 30 minutes away from Central station, and would like to  host International students in their homes. If you are interested in becoming  an Access Language Centre,  Sydney homestay family please fill out this form and  send it back to Cara, the Homestay Coordinator on alcsso@access.nsw.edu.au or fax it to  (02) 9281 – 7455 and Cara will contact you shortly after.

Access Homestay form

All family members' name, birthday and occupations
(e.g close to shops, pool, gym, beach etc...)
Please specify: Wifi, Cable, any cost?