4 - 20 week Internship Experience (Visa Dependent)

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Internship Experience

Internship Experience


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Internship Experience

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  • Tae-Han YOON (Johnny) says:

    I have recently started my Access Internship Experience after attending Super-Intensive General English and Business English courses for 16 weeks. My duties include assisting customers with telephone and walking enquiries. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to practise my real-world English in a real-world office environment! Thank you to my amazing Access teachers for giving me the confidence (and vocabulary!) to succeed in this Internship Experience.

  • Thomas JOLY - New Caledonia says:

    I would absolutely recommend the Internship program to any other student.
    Compared to my fellow students I have a huge asset on the business marketplace,
    I have a strong experience on both the professional side and the personal by having worked in a challenging and quite dynamic environment.

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Message from our Internship Program Director


Welcome Message

Welcome Message


Message from Reeda Kassis - Internship Program Director

A warm welcome to Access! I have been the Access Internship Director for over 14 years and have made placements in Australian and global companies in a variety of fields.


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About our Internship Program

The Access Internship Experience Program offers students an extremely valuable opportunity to boost their CV (resume), as well as learn about Australian corporate culture, gain valuable work experience, practise their English in a natural workplace setting and achieve greater fluency. Students are also able to build a professional network and meet prospective business partners.


Access Language Centre was one of the first English language schools to introduce a work experience program. Our experienced staff carefully match our student interns with suitable Host Companies, based on their career and industry preferences.

Key Features

*Internship students are recommended to take a Business English course for a minimum of 4 weeks.

What this program offers:

Internship Experience students receive a comprehensive orientation into Australian working life, ensuring that they are fully prepared and aware of work conditions and customs. At Access, we offer a variety of unpaid Internships with host organisations and these placements provide university students or young professionals with practical experience in their field of study or expertise. One of the main aims of the program is to provide students with the opportunity to improve their English outside the classroom in a natural workplace environment to enhance future career prospects.


Our Main Teachers

Reeda Kassis

Internship Director

Languages: Arabic and English

Price : Free

Typology : Further studies Work/Business